Alec Road

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San Juan Slate Pebbles

San Juan Slate Pebbles.01

San Juan Slate Pebbles It was important to the client to use local product for this stone veneer fireplace. San Juan Slate and pebbles, collected from the client’s property, were incorporated into the design of the stone masonry construction. San Juan Slate Pebbles.01

Huckleberry Basalt

Huckleberry Basalt

Huckleberry Basalt This fireplace is faced with Huckleberry Basalt stone veneer.  Basalt corbel stones support a Sandstone mantel. Huckleberry Basalt

K2 Ocean Mist

K2 Ocean Mist.04

K2 Ocean Mist This building is faced with K2 Ocean Mist. K2 Ocean Mist.01 K2 Ocean Mist.02 K2 Ocean Mist.03 K2 Ocean Mist.04 K2 Ocean Mist.05

K2 Pacific Ashlar

Huckleberry Basalt

K2 Pacific Ashlar This fireplace is faced with K2 Pacific Ashlar. K2 Pacific Ashlar

Owl Fireplace

Owl Fireplace.01

Owl Fireplace This unique fireplace, featuring stone veneer with carvings, was planned some time before construction. It reflects outdoor images beyond the window.  Gabriola Island Sandstone has been arranged in traditional courses of ashlar so as not to compete with the carvings. Sandstone columns on either side of the fireplace emphasize the traditional look. The […]