Hunt Road

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Juan de Fuca River Stone

Juan de Fuca River Stone

Juan de Fuca River Stone This is a project carried out for BC Parks at the entrance to the Botanical Beach at Juan de Fuca Provincial Park.  The low wall of river stone, with dry pack joints, provides a contrasting texture to the wooden board displaying the name of the park. The stone is capped […]

Sandstone Entryway

Sandstone Entryway.01

Sandstone Entryway This entryway is a renovation project. A stone pillar is visible at the left of the entryway porch, ahead of the large green door. This pillar, constructed with sandstone, was pre-existing. The entire renovation is designed to match the rugged appearance of this pillar. The sandstone throughout this work is laid in a […]

River Stone Pillars

River Stone Pillars.01

Eight river stone pillars complement the framed timber and patio of this stylish gazebo in an attractive setting.  The bulky river stone, with dry pack joints, provides a fitting base for the sturdy vertical members and sizeable benches spanning between the pillars.  Each of the eight pillars is capped with a concrete slab River Stone […]

Brown Rundle Arches

Brown Rundle Ashlar.02

Brown Rundle Arches These rundle stone walls are a renovation project with Boulderworks Ltd. (, designed by Jasper Browning, with Peter Kornacki as project foreman. Rundle ashlar, with square-cut stone, was already in place on the south and east aspects of the house at the start of the project. The north and west aspects of […]

Black Rundle Ashlar

Black Rundle Ashlar.01

Black Rundle Ashlar This large timber frame house has two chimneys, four inside fireplaces, one flagstone patio, one flagstone driveway, and stone skirting around the base of the building. These works were constructed with Boulderworks Ltd. and designed by Jasper Browning (  The two chimneys are constructed with black rundle stone.  The style is random […]

Granite Arch

Granite Arch.02

Granite Arch A granite arch provides a feature piece for a garden landscape. A low retaining wall complements the primary arch and extends around raised garden beds. The joints between the stones are rope joints, a skilled joint style not commonly used. A relief carving peers out of the key stone of the arch, displaying […]

River Stone Wave

Wave 2

River Stone Wave A feature piece at a driveway entrance sports a wave on a river stone base. The river stone for the base is laid with dry pack, tight fit joints, hiding the mortar. The base is capped with a sandstone slab and displays the house number. The shape of the wave is created […]