Courting Ritual

Courting Ritual.06

Courting Ritual This commissioned sculpture is carved in Pyrophyllite (African Wonderstone). The detail and high polish emphasize the characteristics of the Humpback Whale. During the mating season, competing male Humpbacks throw their huge weight around aggressively. When the battling is over, mating Humpbacks spend time together in a graceful flow of movement. This carving captures […]

Bubble Feeding

Bubble Feeding.04

A group of Humpback Whales is surfacing to bubble feed. The cluster includes a juvenile observing and learning from below. Working cooperatively, Humpback whales blow bubbles as they circle bait fish, forcing a school of herring (or other fish) into a tight ball surrounded by a net of bubbles. With mouths open, the whales rise […]

The Boys

The Boys.01

The Boys This carving captures the active spirit of a group of breaching Pacific White-Sided Dolphins. The dolphins are carved in Pyrophyllite with Alabaster inlay. They leap clear of the water, depicted by a Jade base. Commissioned for a private collection in West Vancouver, ‘The Boys’ sculpture represents three male members of a very special […]

The Diver

The Diver.01

The Diver A fluking Humpback Whale, sculpted from a single piece of Pyrophyllite, prepares to dive deep in search of bait fish. This commissioned carving is on display at Sonora Resort on Sonora Island, BC. Overall dimensions are 12” x 12” x 5” The Diver.04 The Diver.03 The Diver.02 The Diver.01



Leopard This commissioned leopard bust is carved in Malachite with a Marble base. The home for this sculpture is West Vancouver, BC. Overall dimensions are 10” x 8” x 4” Leopard

King of the Sea

King of the Sea.02

King of the Sea This Orca is carved in Pyrophyllite with Alabaster inlay. The whale is mounted on a Jade base. A commissioned sculpture, ‘King of the Sea’ has a home in Point Grey, Vancouver, BC Overall dimensions are 12” x 12” x 6” King of the Sea.04 King of the Sea.03 King of the […]

Dinner Time

Dinner Time.03

Dinner Time This engorged Grizzly is feasting on Chinook Salmon as they leap their way upstream in large numbers – a dining frenzy for Grizzlies.  The bear is carved in Indiana Limestone. The stone for the salmon is Pyrophyllite. The sculpture is set on a sandstone slab.  The Grizzly has a home in Vancouver, BC.  […]

The Cycle

The Cycle.02

The Cycle This beautiful Malachite stone has been sculpted to the shape of a Sockeye Salmon arched around a nest of eggs. The salmon is an icon of west coast British Columbia. This carving represents the annual cycle of salmon returning to their spawning grounds, the rivers of their origin. The Sockeye is guarding a […]

Bighorn Sheep

Bighorn Sheep.01

Bighorn Sheep The Bighorn Sheep are native to the Rocky Mountains. This head, with horn detail, is carved from Indiana Limestone. Overall dimensions are  20” x 18” x 10”.  The sculpture has a home in Blue River, British Columbia. Bighorn Sheep.05 Bighorn Sheep.04 Bighorn Sheep.03 Bighorn Sheep.02