Granite Spawning Salmon

This sculpture consists of a spawning salmon carved in granite.  The adult salmon is set on top of a soapstone carving, which shows the spawning cycle and a bear predator.

The large granite salmon is carved with the typical humped back and hooked mouth of a spawning Chum Salmon. 

The salmon’s predator, the bear, is carved into the soapstone base. Here, the head and paws of a Grizzly are clearly visible.

On the reverse side of the bear, the images on the base reflect the spawning cycle.  Eggs are embedded in a stony stream bed and a school of one year old smolts are in motion. 

The smolts are swimming in the opposite direction to the large Chum Salmon.  The adult salmon swims upstream while the young smolts swim downstream, migrating to the ocean.

The combined sculpture of salmon, bear, and spawning cycle is set over a polished sandstone slab.

The overall dimensions of this sculpture are 24” x 12” x 18” high.

This unique sculpture has been sold and now lives in Edmonton, Alberta.