Random Rundle Interiors

This series of stoneworks is located in one large house.  All of this construction was a sub-contract from McCroy Masonry (www.mccroymasonry.com).

Downstairs fireplace: This floor to ceiling fireplace is constructed with brown rundle stone, arranged in a random style with 1/2” dyed, black mortar joints. The stone above the gas fired insert is supported by an angle iron lintel. The raised hearth is also laid with rundle stone.

Upstairs fireplace: This is a large living room fireplace laid in random rundle style, with 1/2” dyed, black mortar joints. On either side of the insert, storage areas provide for firewood and fireplace implements. Above the insert, a jack arch is set on an angle iron lintel. The massive hearth is also laid with brown rundle stone.

Feature wall in hallway: This massive interior wall is constructed with rundle flagstone. The columns at the end of the wall are laid with rundle full bed. All joints are 1/2” mortar, dyed black.

Stairway: This massive feature wall is about 30ft. high. It extends from basement to vaulted ceiling on the second floor and is constructed with full bed rundle stone in random style. The top of the wall is finished with a rundle stone cap.

Wine cellar entrance: This floor to ceiling wall for a wine cellar entrance is also random rundle style with 1/2” black joints. The variation in stone colour provides a decorative aspect to this feature wall.