Stream in River Stone

This fireplace is constructed with river stone of diverse magnitude with dry pack joints.

The hearth consists of sandstone laid in a random arrangement at floor level.

 The river stone surround is designed to carry the eye to dynamic features set amidst the rugged texture of larger stones.

 On the left side of the fireplace, three protruding pieces of flat river stone provide small surfaces for decorative ornaments and other objects. A short, 3 ft. sandstone mantel is supported by two corbels (knee braces), cut from local granite.

A series of small stones mimics the flow of cascading streams above the mantel. Driftwood is mounted amidst the cascading water. Immediately above the mantel, a small soapstone fish is splashing on the surface of the water.

Below the mantel, a streaming band of smaller stones pulls the eye, drawing attention to the full extent of the stonework surround.