Basalt Masonry Heater

Basalt Masonry Heater.01

Basalt Masonry Heater This Temp-Cast masonry heater is a high efficiency wood burning unit with an oven installed above the wood stove. The unit is faced with Basalt and brick. The brick was recycled from the fireplace which once stood where the masonry heater now stands. Two raised hearths provide space for wood storage.The corners […]

Basalt Fire Pit

Basalt Fire Pit.01

Basalt Fire Pit The Basalt Fire Pit shown here was designed by the client, with project materials chosen and installed by Kornacki Ventures. The masonry is full bed Basalt with Pennsylvania Sandstone cap. The fire pit is lined with refractory brick. The water drop shaped design and the wide cap provide space for guests to […]

Brick Sandstone Masonry Heater

Brick_Sandstone Masonry Heater.02

Brick Sandstone Masonry Heater This Temp-Cast masonry heater is a high efficiency wood burning unit. It is faced with brick and Sandstone which radiate the heat. The hearth, arch, and mantel with corbels, are all Sandstone. Brick_Sandstone Masonry Heater.01 Brick_Sandstone Masonry Heater.02

Basalt Oven With Grill

Basalt Oven with Grill.01

Basalt Oven With Grill This wood burning oven was constructed with full bed Basalt and a stucco chimney. Basalt was chosen to match the stone in the landscaping design.  A grill was incorporated at the client’s request Basalt Oven with Grill.01 Basalt Oven with Grill.02 Basalt Oven with Grill.03 Basalt Oven with Grill.04

Basalt Wood Burning Oven

Basalt Woodburning Oven.02

Basalt Wood Burning Oven This outdoor oven is constructed of large size basalt stones cut square. The stone is laid in a dry pack ashlar pattern. The doors to the wood burning oven (pizza oven) are recycled from a wood stove.  The oven has a basalt lintel supported by two basalt columns (legs), with a […]

Basalt Fireplace Outdoors

Basalt Fireplace Outdoors.01

Basalt Fireplace Outdoors This outdoor fireplace is constructed of ruggedly sized basalt stone, laid in a random style. The joints are dry pack, concealing the mortar. The firebox opening has a basalt lintel with supporting basalt columns (legs) and a flat basalt stone for the hearth. Basalt Fireplace Outdoors.01

River Stone Barbecue

River Stone Barbecue.01

River Stone Barbeque A large barbecue, constructed outdoors, is wrapped in river stone. River stones of varying size are arranged in a fluid mosaic.  A relief carving of a salmon is set into the mosaic. The salmon is surrounded by smaller stones, which extend in a continuous narrow band, suggesting the flow of water. The […]

Brick Woodburning Oven

Brick Woodburning Oven.01

Brick Woodburning Oven This outdoor oven is constructed of brick, interspersed with cut basalt stones. The lower part of the structure encloses a wood storage box with a large concrete counter. The concrete for the counter was poured in place, dyed black and polished. The floor of the wood box is laid with sandstone. The […]