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Hunt Road

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Granite Restoration

Granite Restoration.01

Granite Restoration This fireplace restoration was part of a larger restoration project. A 1930’s house was lifted and moved to a new location. It was important to the client to maintain the original design. The granite was salvaged when the masonry fireplace was dismantled. It was restored in the building’s new location with two extra […]

River Stone With Orca

River Stone with Orca.04

River Stone With Orca This fireplace surround is constructed of river stone. The stone is inlaid with a relief carving of an Orca and her calf as they are breaking water. The stone surround has tight fit joints. The flagstone hearth is cut from sandstone. Two short sandstone mantel shelves are supported by granite corbels […]

Geo Renovation

Custom Geo Renovation.01

Geo Renovation This imaginative fireplace is a renovation project designed by Jonaven Moore. The original brickwork can be seen above the mantel.  This fireplace is designed to look as if it has been impacted by geological movement.  Rocks appear in unexpected places, shifting the brick out of alignment. Stone invades the vertical walls and protrudes […]

Stream in River Stone

Stream in River Stone.01

Stream in River Stone This fireplace is constructed with river stone of diverse magnitude with dry pack joints. The hearth consists of sandstone laid in a random arrangement at floor level.  The river stone surround is designed to carry the eye to dynamic features set amidst the rugged texture of larger stones.  On the left […]

Random Rundle Interiors

Random Rundle Interiors.02

Random Rundle Interiors This series of stoneworks is located in one large house.  All of this construction was a sub-contract from McCroy Masonry ( Downstairs fireplace: This floor to ceiling fireplace is constructed with brown rundle stone, arranged in a random style with 1/2” dyed, black mortar joints. The stone above the gas fired insert […]

Classic Rundle Ashlar Fireplace

Classic Rundle Ashlar.01

This classic fireplace was featured in “Western Interiors & Design” magazine, with a photograph of the fireplace on the front cover. The fireplace was designed by Jasper Browning (  The floor to ceiling construction displays a random arrangement of rundle stone in the ashlar pattern, where large square-cut stones of diverse size are laid level.  […]

Brown Rundle Ashlar Fireplace

Brown Rundle Ashlar.01

Brown Rundle Fireplace This fireplace is constructed with black and brown rundle stone.  The style is rundle ashlar with dry pack joints. An attractive rundle stone arch is set above the wood burning insert, below the vent.  The arch is self supporting, with a small rundle stone mantel. A rundle stone lintel extends above the […]